DFA Lipa City Experience

Today I scheduled our family to renew our passports, we drove to Lipa City and proceeded at Gate 4 of Robinsons Mall to line up for DFA’s passport renewal. It is our first time to experience the processing here since we are Manila based last time.

I called DFA Lipa hotline yesterday just to ask for their procedures. Since our former passports and ID’s are Manila based we are asked to bring a Barangay clearance that we are Calabarzon residents. I was advised that application forms will be released in Gate 4 of Robinsons Mall at 7am and DFA opens at 10am.

We arrived at 7am from Batangas City and saw the long line already piled up, the releasing of application forms is fast. You need to line up, present your requirement to the DFA officer then after you will be given your DFA number and form.

I have observed that there is a DFA representative doing announcements and he mentioned that they can only accommodate and process 220 applicants so as to be able to process this for the day. Also for Saturday’s applicants, applications to be accepted are the urgent processing with P1,200 fee instead of the regular processing fee of P950. Senior citizens should still get a number but no need to line up, one companion of the senior applicant can be accommodated also without lining up. Pregnant and parents with children below 3 years old also follows the same no line policy.


Our daughter is now 6 years old so she also experienced lining up until we get our number. It’s just great that here in Lipa City the weather is cold in the mornings so no worries of perspiring while waiting for the long line. I just got worried earlier and closely monitored the number of applicants before us since we arrived later than the others.

After waiting, they stopped at 200 and announced that the rest in the line will only be up to 220 today.


Luckily, we have been given 208, 209, 210 and have been told that application forms for 200-220 applicants will only be released around 10am at Gate 4 of the waiting area.


Thankfully we proceed to have breakfast first as we wait for 10am. So as the Jollibee quiet sticker says, always “Bee Positive”!
At 9:49 am we proceeded at Gate 4 DFA waiting area to wait for the Application form to be released.


Application forms was released, complete this and submit back to DFA officer in charge and wait for your number to be called.
Prepare the original and photocopies of your requirement based on purpose of application and present to DFA Security Officer when called.

Our number was called and we submitted our documents to the lobby officer,since it’s already 12:51 we are asked to have lunch first because we have our 6 years old daughter with us, we will be back after lunch.

After an hour we are called back inside for processing of our application and payment.

Then last stop for the photo taking and encoding.


All done, successful day of our passport renewal. Time check from lining up at 7am until 4:15pm.

Cheers, new passport will be released after two weeks. The processing here is faster than our previous online booking at DFA Manila because we still need to wait for months for a schedule.

If you are a resident in the Calabarzon area, it is a plus service that you can process your passport renewal in just a day!


Gift of Charms

Christmas season is near and we are all searching for a very special present that we can give as gifts to ourselves and most especially to our loved ones.

May I share with you my personalized charm bracelet idea that I am fond of collecting nowadays.

Why do we love to collect charms for our bracelets?  The passion of collecting these lovely charms represents our personal interests, this also symbolizes special events in our lives.

Instead of wearing a ready-made fashion piece, why don’t you try to create a personalized charm bracelet that can best symbolize “You”.

May I present my current charm collection and what it represents:

  • Wings – symbolizes the nature of assisting others
  • Baby Stroller – gift of motherhood
  • Elephant – good luck


  • Camera – capturing special moments
  • Dog – furry pal
  • Heels – work/ career


  • Key and Lock – marriage
  • Rubber Shoes – love for sports


  • Airplane – travel
  • Butterfly – unfurling glory, unfolding success


These charms and its bracelet will not tarnish forever, even if you wear it while cooking, bathing, exercising, playing your favorite sport or just simply walking your furry pal under the heat of the sun since it is made of stainless steel material.

I have discovered my love for stainless steel from my first Fossil bangle and a couple squared ring that I have received as a gift, I have used them for seven years before I got married to my husband, eight years after both bangle and ring are still perfect nothing has changed. From then on I have chosen fashion pieces only made of stainless steel instead of sterling silver.  Since it is your own personalized piece it is more cheaper than buying a Pandora, Thomas Sabo or Soufeel bracelet and charms. You can buy from different stores that offers stainless steel charms.

It is also an exciting experience to search for new charms, to also receive charms as gifts, collect more and enjoy the artistic design of each piece.  It is like having a bracelet that can best describe “You”.

Now let us all enjoy the fun and challenging search for the best charm that tells your story, remember that true fashion comes from being unique and our love for art and adventure.  Wear something personal like this personalized charm bracelet and create the buzz of this best holiday present you can give to yourself, your special someone or your loved ones this Christmas season.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Best Gift


It is soon to be the month of July again and I will soon be turning to the second year of my life at forty’s. Thinking of what I wish for my birthday to be this year.  What is the best gift you have ever received? On birthdays, is it the yearly birthday parties your parents have organized, material gifts received or the presence of your families and friends? During Christmas, is it Santa Clause surprise, your family Christmas dinner served at midnight or the special moments of visiting families and friends on this special event of the year?  On your wedding day, is it the wedding gown you have worn, your diamond wedding ring, your wedding reception with families and friends or the solemn ceremony of marriage that bonded you as husband and wife?

Special occasions comes with special gifts, it is such a wonderful experience to receive precious tokens of love, friendship and gratefulness.  Receiving such wonderful blessings can be considered our times of great joy.  Gifts are truly meant to be graces from our Creator.  God has blessed each one of us with a spiritual gift, it is of great importance for us to share this gift to serve other people and to be His steward under His living grace.

Have you ever experienced receiving a gift from God that you have asked for?  Let us all reflect, “What is the greatest gift from God that you have received in your life?”  Is it a successful career, a business blessing, a gift of a lifetime partner, a supportive and loving family, true friends whom you can depend on no matter how far you maybe from each other or maybe the best gift of life experienced when your first child was born? Is it an answered prayer from God for the petitions that you have prayed for?

The most precious gift each believer has been blessed is God’s spiritual gifts.  These blessings are way beyond compare, His love for us is so great that every good and perfect gift we have received the source is from Him alone.  It is our mission to discover God’s greatest gift, His given purpose in our lives, for it is truly the most precious gift we have ever received in this lifetime.

Every day His countless blessings are pouring, His gifts can bring us endless joys and meaningful experiences.  We should only learn how to recognize and value even the smallest blessings we have been receiving each day.  To discover His vision for our lives is accepting to establish and share the spiritual gifts we have received.  Let our grateful hearts follow His will to guide others to understand, practice, serve, transform hearts and believe.

Let us all give our thanks and praise for the heavenly gifts that God has blessed us.  It is through His Spirit that we can experience great joy, love and peace.  Lead other’s to deep faith in Him, for we are so grateful that He manifest His blessings upon us.  Always remember, we can receive the best material gifts of honor and success but through God’s spiritual gifts we can truly accomplish our true mission to be His great follower in this lifetime and to be able to bring more people closer to God while you assist to improve others lives, faith and future.


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In the midst of trial of sickness, lift your faith up God in your most difficult situation. Remain hopeful that a brighter tomorrow will come your way after this challenging times. Believe that through His mercy and guidance you will be able to surpass life’s daily trials and receive His complete healing, whoever clings to faith shall be blessed with His abundant care.

Deep faith can cure doubts of the heart, tremendous wisdom to understand illness, it can provide healing for the mind, body and soul. Power over sickness will come to those who believe and accept thy will.

“Prayers offered in faith will restore the one who is sick, God will raise him up and if he has committed sin will be forgiven.  Confess your sins to one another and pray for one another so that you may be healed. The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.”-   James 5:15

Mental and emotional suffering are the source of all illness. Even though our world today has advanced medical solutions to offer, sometimes we are still in doubt that we can be totally cured.  In reality, all of us will experience getting sick and all of us will come to an end to face death.  Choose to wake up not worrying what the doctors will reveal after each examination, seek for God’s help to remove your all your doubts and burdens, ask Him to stabilize your faith.

Own a sincere confidence of a child that miracles happens everyday. Every painful misery when we connect it with our faith can deeply restore our soul to perfect peace and healing.  Bear in mind that our Creator is the Greatest Physician, what He can offer you is great comfort and healing and it is for free.  Every painful misery when we connect it with our faith can deeply restore our soul to perfect peace and healing.  Have faith that Yahweh can bring goodness from any situation.  Be thankful for the opportunity that at times of sickness, we are brought closer to God, learn to trust Him and value life more.

Have a strong faith that God is in control, sometimes He allows us to experience sickness so we can accomplish our life’s real purpose.  Accept the love, comforting words and prayers from people around you and feel blessed that you are surrounded by them under His loving care.  Value new acquaintances, God sometimes would send you His comfort, care, love and guidance from new people you’ll meet along the way, sending you His message, guidance and support in this new journey.

In times when great storms of life comes without any warning, try your best to have a hopeful heart, cling to a stronger faith so this can lead you to God’s presence and healing. Even if you drive along an unfamiliar road do not stop, just continue your travel. God will be your fuel of life.  Drive on and do not forget to wear your seat belt. Seat belts are warm hugs of your families and friends. Brace yourself as you pass the bumpy and crazy roads ahead. Turn on your music playlist, this can provide you calmness as you listen and be enlightened by songs of prayer and praise. Continue your journey, do not give up, remember that He has promised you a better destination. As you have completely traveled a difficult journey with full trust and faith in God, you will get to reach your final destination and receive His mercy, grace and complete healing.

Give praise and be thankful that God has been with you in every part of your journey.  Share and inspire others who are experiencing sickness to brace themselves with deep faith that miracles happen after a challenging journey.


Ladder of Success


In life, the most important thing to remember is to reach out for our dreams and the choices we make.  These choices usually shape us to be the best of who we are.  Sometimes we take all the great risk in life just to walk through the challenges, achieve our success and assist others.  People create goals based on their dreams and aspirations, usually some prepares for a plan of how to achieve but others with limited knowledge will just follow their heart and trust their faith.

Let me share with you a story, I know of a mother who has a very pure heart of reaching out to others.  Her father died when she was still at a very young age, she has six siblings and they had experienced the worst since their mother is the only one supporting them so she was not given the chance to continue her education.

Time has passed, during her teen years, she already has the passion for cooking.  With her older sister, she took courage to put up a small restaurant thinking that nothing is impossible if you reach your hardest goals and if you try your best to make your dreams happen.  Through her creativity in making her signature recipes and being hands-on with her business, this young teen entrepreneur improved her skills in cooking and gained more customers as the years went by.  Good food, great budget, fast and happy service is what she and her staff has offered their customers all these years.

As years went by, her restaurant business developed more with the help of her spouse.  She became more motivated and inspired having her two children around.  Every mother would struggle every trials in life and in business just to provide a good future for her family.  She never grew tired, waking up early in the mornings, preparing for her husband and children’s needs, managing her business and training her staff, serving her customer with care every day and treating them even her own children has been her daily routine for more than 50 years now.

She would sometimes say, that only if she has finished her education maybe she would not have so many fears in facing the different challenges in her business and in life.  She has gone through a lot, she has been detected with breast cancer stage three but she continued to bravely face the battle.  During the times that she was undergoing the procedures of medication, she has fought on life not just for herself and her family.  She would even think of people closest to her that she has cared for in the longest time like her restaurant staff who has been working for her all these years, she said she needs to live because if she dies the restaurant will close and what will happen to them, she loved them all.

She has been a woman of faith, in spite of her busy life as a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend and a boss.  As she believes, all her blessings, strength, success and healing comes from Yahweh alone.  Life might have been a tough climb from her childhood years and now as she enter a new beginning after she was blessed with a new life after passing through the challenges of having the big “C”.  All I have learned from her was how she has reached out to others even in the smallest little ways.  Since her restaurant is near the school, she would often give free meals to students who has limited budget for the day.  She has the kindest heart to assist her siblings’ children providing them complimentary meals daily just to help them finish their studies even without allowance.  She also has helped a lot of people she do not know personally but has needed help urgently at times.  Professional people who have graduated would return to her restaurant just to say thank you for all the assistance and love.

During the time when she was brought to the hospital for the operation, she was so afraid since that is her first time to get sick and be hospitalized.  She said after, “as if God has sent her angels to assist her”, because when she was brought inside the operating room she saw that her past customers, the nurses and doctors who were there inside are the ones whom she has also assisted and it was all a blessing, her fear was all gone knowing that Yahweh has sent them to be for her during that tough moment in her life.

This woman was blessed with so much love in her heart to help and she never has asked for anything in return.  Through the great battle with cancer when she was faced with death, she had experienced fear, she also questioned why?  But after realizing that God has even carried His own cross she understood and carried hers, she prayed hard for His guidance, strength and healing.  And made another wish just for Yahweh to be with her everyday through this very challenging journey.  Her strong love and faith for Yahweh is her true “ladder for success”.

People accomplish amazing things because they live their passion, they have the purest intention to be of assistance to others and grow their faith to be great living inspiration for others.  It is not wealth or power that is more important in this life.  It is how people will remember you for the greatness of your heart.  Always remember, you will never become poor in giving because if you serve, the things you do for others will become your greatest legacy.

I am so honored and blessed that this woman of faith, this mom entrepreneur, this generous and loving mother is my own mom “Teodora Lopez Bernardo”, Lopez Canteen’s pride.  Mom, thank you for continuously inspiring us to live our life to the fullest with complete trust in God as our “Ladder of Success”.



In the modern society we live in today our mind is so busy coping up with the newly invented and amazing technologies that we believe can simplify and help improve our daily lives.  One example is when we choose our means of communication, would you be choosing a simple phone over an advance gadget that can meet both your personal and business needs?  Modern technology has a great impact in our lives, it has affected our lifestyle drastically and led us to believe that our lives have changed for the better.

There are great benefits from technical progress but let us reflect on our previous days when life is vastly simpler.  During those times when there is still no mobile phone around, families and friends would take every effort to reach out for each other, schedule a meeting date and communicate personally in order to keep updated with each other and enjoy the value of companionship.  Today’s technology have opened to us an opportunity to communicate in a more advanced and fast way but we  forget that it is more important to build strong foundation of families and friendships,  improve our personal relationships through enjoying a simple quality time, personal talks and interaction with each other that can truly be our priceless happiness in life.

We live by our own choice, God has created us as a unique individual.  We are also blessed with so many gifts that we can use to consider what will be the best for us and our future.  If you do not want to live a complicated life be contented with what you have now and live simply.  There is nothing wrong if you choose not to be enslaved by advanced technologies and material things.  If you wake up one day and you are called to head back to live a simple life, do not fear for God has better plans for you.  Sometimes simplifying your life is only possible if you have full trust that you are in good hands with God our provider and protector.

If you ask me, I would definitely confess that my interest on learning advanced technologies is still high.  And I also see the value and effectiveness it brings especially when we need to focus on our business and how mobile people can work nowadays just using the online tools to be able to assist clients and earn a decent living for their families.  It is just important for us to learn how to balance our lives even though our modern world is continuously changing.  What is most important is that even in this busy world, we can enjoy to live simply. Value the moments when you can pause for a simple prayer, when you can have some quiet time to plan your life ahead, when you can bond and connect with your families and friends again through a simple lunch, picnic or dinner.

Acknowledging our Creator as the center of our strength in choosing to live simply while learning to live in balance in using modern technology can create better lives for the future.  Simple sustainable living and technology should be balanced and maintained for us to achieve the goal of sustainable life and for us to be able to perform our main purpose here on earth, to be able to serve others and God at all times.



If life’s most challenging occurrence passed our way, all we want is to run to our mother’s loving arms so we can feel their comfort and love to wash away all the hurts and pains we are going through.   No matter what the situation is, our mother would always embrace the situation and welcome us back into their arms.  It is the most hurtful moment for a mother to witness her daughter’s weakest moment, together they would both experience a broken heart.

Usually when we experience relationship chaos we never take the courage to seek for our mother’s advice right away, we try to hide from them the pains we are experiencing because we do not want to hurt their feelings, every mother would only desire to see her child happy.  But oftentimes, when it is too much for us to handle we usually seek for family support and healing.  Being a mother, sympathizing with your daughter, providing her with your unconditional love and support, lifting up to Yahweh all her current concerns and praying for her protection is the best thing a parent can do to carry the burden your child has been presently experiencing.  Mother’s would seek spiritual intercession to heal her child’s broken heart and be with her in this painful journey.

We all has our own story of a broken heart, we have experienced deceit, broken promises, different events and situations that left us with a painful reality and loss. Pain and anger are the most powerful emotions that are so hard to repair and rebuilding trust will be a long journey to heal.  Taking one great step of reaching out to our mothers with all honesty can ease the pain and convey a strong sense that we  trust their best comfort and advise as we open up our pains, worries and fears and reach out for help and support in this hurtful times.  Every mother no matter how busy would pause, listen and make efforts to understand what her child has experienced.  All breakups are painful and as a mother it is best to seek for God’s mercy to get her child out of the pain.  Relationship breakdown can cause unbearable devastation but teaching your child on trusting Yahweh with all her heart will create peace of mind, forgiving heart and healing.

“God is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.” – Psalm 34:18, “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” – Psalm 147:3, “He is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” – Psalm 46:1

As a daughter, always remember that a broken heart is something almost everyone has experienced in a lifetime.  No pain can never be healed with a mother’s love when she tries to care, love, understand and be ready to face a new tomorrow to see her child smile again after the storm.  Feel blessed to experience God’s mercy through your mother’s love.  Remember that pains are limited but God’s great love for us is endless like a mother’s love.  Respect your mother’s efforts and treasure every moment you spend with her in this challenging journey.  Be grateful for your mother’s daily prayer, this will lead you to acceptance, hope and shower you with love and peace as you overcome the hurt from a broken heart and live your life again completely healed by a blessing from above, a Mother’s Love.